Maxine & Michael :: Engagement

Maxine and Michael booked their wedding date quite a while ago and I have had the pleasure of meeting them a few times since. They are such a genuinely nice couple and you can see just how content they are by the aura that glows from within them when they are together.

I am so lucky to have such great clients. It makes me incredibly happy to work with people who are constantly smiling and in love. I am so fortunate that I keep meeting people like Maxine and Michael who remind me everyday that love is one of the main things that makes the world go round 🙂

Look at the intense look that Michael is giving me! Amazing…





  • Maxine Bretzlaff said:

    That is one good looking couple ;)
    You did a wonderful job Melissa!!!

  • Lyndsey said:

    I looooooove that last picture. It's amazing!