Angela & Stephen’s engagement in Pembroke

I initially met Angela over Skype since her and Stephen live in Hamilton. She was a very pleasant person to chat with so I knew our personalities would click right away. When we scheduled their engagement session on a weekend that they would be back home, I got to know just how well we would get along. Stephen and Angela are truly beautiful people and it was so nice to spend an afternoon on thanksgiving weekend frolicking in a field amongst some hay bails together.

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pembroke engagement 10pembroke engagement 12

Had to include this shot of Atlas watching his humans pose!

pembroke engagement 11

Tracey & Dave’s wedding in Mont Tremblant

Tracey and I met last Spring. As we sat in the coffee shop, we talked about everything and anything under the moon, including her wedding plans. I loved seeing her smile as she talked about Dave and their long time relationship. He was her soulmate in the purest form of the word. Tracey and I sat and chatted for over 2 hours in the gleam of sun coming in from the window. It was amazing, and I was extremely honoured to be the one to photograph their small, intimate wedding day in Mont Tremblant. Including Jess and I, we were about 11 people there to celebrate these 2 on one of the happiest days of their lives. That day is one that I will never forget…and our conversation one that I will cherish forever.

tremblant wedding 01 tremblant wedding 02 tremblant wedding 03 tremblant wedding 04 tremblant wedding 05 tremblant wedding 06 tremblant wedding 07 tremblant wedding 08 tremblant wedding 09 tremblant wedding 10 tremblant wedding 11 tremblant wedding 12 tremblant wedding 13 tremblant wedding 14 tremblant wedding 15 tremblant wedding 16 tremblant wedding 17 tremblant wedding 18 tremblant wedding 19 tremblant wedding 20 tremblant wedding 21 tremblant wedding 22 tremblant wedding 23 tremblant wedding 24

Tanya & Kyle a wedding at Code’s mill in Perth

Tanya and I had originally met at her friends wedding that I photographed a few years ago. She told me that she always knew I would be her photographer once her man popped the big question and this couldn’t have made me happier. When she finally contacted me about booking her wedding, I looked forward to meeting Kyle and working with them as they exchanged vows to one another.

Tanya and Kyle couldn’t have asked for a better summer day to have their ceremony and photos taken in Stanley Park. Along with all the beautiful details and decorations that graced their reception room at Code’s Mill (thanks to Focal Point Designs and Dahlia Event Designs and Productions), the newly weds ate, danced and toasted to all that awaits them in their future! It was perfect…

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Jenna and Ray’s wedding in Kinburn

Jenna and Ray got married on a beautiful August day on Jenna’s parents property in Kinburn, Ontario. A field of sunflowers were planted solely for their day and made for a stunning backdrop with the majestic golden flowers lining the horizon.

Jenna and Ray’s family and friends were all so inviting and it was an absolute pleasure capturing them exchange their vows. I wish Jenna and Ray both a world of happiness as they go on as husband and wife 🙂

kinburn wedding 01 kinburn wedding 02 kinburn wedding 03 kinburn wedding 04 kinburn wedding 05 kinburn wedding 06 kinburn wedding 07 kinburn wedding 08 kinburn wedding 09 kinburn wedding 10 kinburn wedding 11 kinburn wedding 12 kinburn wedding 13 kinburn wedding 14 kinburn wedding 15 kinburn wedding 16 kinburn wedding 17 kinburn wedding 18 kinburn wedding 19 kinburn wedding 20 kinburn wedding 21 kinburn wedding 22 kinburn wedding 23 kinburn wedding 24 kinburn wedding 25 kinburn wedding 26

Ryanna & Sean’s wedding at Beantown Ranch

I remember being drawn to an energy that poured out of Ryanna and Sean the day I photographed their engagement session. Their smiles were contagious and it was no surprise that I felt that same feeling the day of their wedding. I saw that smile again on Sean’s face the moment he saw his bride walk down the aisle. Those smiles never ceased the entire day, even when the clouds rolled in and we got stuck in a torrential downpour.

The storm eventually dissipated into the distance and we trailed off into the woods for their pictures. It was a glorious day!

beantown wedding 01beantown wedding 02beantown wedding 03beantown wedding 04beantown wedding 05beantown wedding 06beantown wedding 07beantown wedding 08beantown wedding 09beantown wedding 10beantown wedding 11beantown wedding 12beantown wedding 13beantown wedding 14beantown wedding 15beantown wedding 16beantown wedding 17beantown wedding 18beantown wedding 19beantown wedding 20beantown wedding 21beantown wedding 22beantown wedding 23beantown wedding 24beantown wedding 25beantown wedding 26

Chloe & Brandon’s engagement in Cumberland

There are some couples who really REALLY pull at my heart strings. Don’t get me wrong though – every couple and wedding that I shoot, I am reminded of why I do what I do and never cease to see everyone so happy and in love. But there are some couples who remind me of that young, playful, giddy feeling everyone gets when they are around their partner and for me that happened a couple weeks ago. Chloe and Brandon are absolutely wonderful. There are just no words to describe the joy that you feel when you around them. I came back from their shoot that night with my heart so full that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I can only imagine what their wedding will be like in the fall and I am (impatiently) waiting to be filled with that same pure happiness again.

cumberland engagement session 01cumberland engagement session 02 cumberland engagement session 03 cumberland engagement session 04 cumberland engagement session 05 cumberland engagement session 06 cumberland engagement session 07 cumberland engagement session 08 cumberland engagement session 09 cumberland engagement session 10 cumberland engagement session 11

Anne & Marc’s wedding in Wakefield, Quebec

I know I just posted their engagement session, but I’m a little behind on blogging and I was just really excited to post a sneak peek for these wonderful people to see. Anne and Marc exchanged vows inside the covered bridge in Wakefield (who knew you could even do that?!) and finished off their evening of celebrating at the always wonderful E18hteen restaurant downtown on the Market. We took some photos a little everywhere as we traveled from one location to the other and made it back just in time as the big storm came rolling in on Saturday! Absolutely beautiful day for a beautiful couple.

wakefield wedding 01 wakefield wedding 02 wakefield wedding 03 wakefield wedding 04 wakefield wedding 05 wakefield wedding 06 wakefield wedding 07 wakefield wedding 08 wakefield wedding 09 wakefield wedding 10 wakefield wedding 11 wakefield wedding 12 wakefield wedding 13 wakefield wedding 14 wakefield wedding 15 wakefield wedding 16 wakefield wedding 17 wakefield wedding 18 fix
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